Meet Brandy Nicole

Hi! I’m Brandy Nicole, the creator and founder of Trauma Fitness online community. You may be thinking, "What is Trauma fitness?" It’s exactly as it sounds. I help women heal from past trauma and depression through a series of fitness regiments and healthy lifestyle practices. Trauma Fitness is a powerful experience that connects the disconnection of emotional and physical pain and molds it into spiritual and mental growth. My passion is a healthy lifestyle embracing a sense of becoming exactly what you’ve always dreamed you’d be. My desire to inspire the masses into overcoming their trauma, maintaining mental growth, developing a powerful discovery of femininity and creating a life full of joy shows itself in an authentic and genuine way. My mission is to cultivate a world of healthy , whole and free women, ready to conquer the world boldly, brightly, and confidently all while building a physique to match.

My Story: How It Began

I’ve always been athletic. As a young girl, I ran track, participated in drill team and cheerleading. Imagine graduating at the fresh age of 17, that was me, I graduated one year early, huge accompaniment right? But behind that accomplishment lied a very depressed little girl who yearned for her father whom she lost to the prison system and a young girl who had experienced a sexual rape at the tender age of 14.

That little girl was screaming on the inside, but smiling on the outside. This is how trauma fit was born for me, I just didn’t know it yet. As life progressed I never got to go to college after graduation, I then became pregnant and had my first child, a beautiful baby girl, at the age of 18. I would go on and endure two ten year marriages, which both ended in divorce. During my second marriage, I attempted suicide do to the unhealed trauma, chaos, and lack of spiritual connection. I was severely depressed, ashamed, unfulfilled and damaged emotionally. I needed to regain my place in life.

That’s when my healing journey began. In 2017 I walked away from my second marriage and I went on my personal journey of healing. I intentionally dealt and healed from my daddy issues, my rape, divorces, my suicidal ideations and began to build a spiritual life that helped me overcome my shame, guilt, lack of confidence and so much more. Fitness became the way I healed, thrived and overcame. I used every opportunity to get in the gym as a token, inspiration and dedication to my healing. Each workout built my body, my emotions, my faith and my mind to conquer what had been defeating me for decades.

I used each push up, squat, thrust, and boxing punch to punch out my issues. It led me to becoming a NPC Bikini competitor in 2020. Breaking down my fears and tears allowed me to develop the diamond in me. I now stand healthy and whole as a fitness trainer, trauma recovery coach, and sought out motivational speaker. I share my testimony and techniques with women all over the globe with an agenda to heal and shine in their new version of self. I hope to connect with you on this journey.

~Brandy Nicole


Author: Brandy Nicole

When a jeweler skillfully attaches a diamond onto a bracelet or engagement ring, this is the final step in a journey that stretches back to before humans walked the earth. It goes as far back as before life on earth, when the earth was no more than a barren landscape. Every natural diamond has a scorching history. Its journey from the earth’s core is an epic adventure that mirrors the journey of anyone bold enough to grow from their trauma and difficult life experiences.

“You're a diamond, even if you're not in the limelight.” -Brandy Nicole

Results Beyond the Physical:

While many members celebrate physical transformations, expect changes that go beyond the mirror. Enhanced mental clarity, a renewed sense of purpose, and a stronger spiritual connection are just a few of the profound shifts you can anticipate.

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