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What is TRAUMA Fit?

Trauma Fit is a program that encourages and inspires women to face and conquer their trauma while creating healthy healing and building dynamic physiques.


Our fitness regimens are designed not just to sculpt your body, but also to empower your spirit. As you push through each workout, you'll be channeling your energy towards healing, growth, and self-discovery.


At Trauma Fitness, we are dedicated to empowering women to heal from past traumas through a holistic blend of fitness regimens and mindful practices. We strive to create a sanctuary where emotional, spiritual, and physical growth converge, fostering a community where every woman can rediscover her strength, embrace her true self, and rise with renewed purpose. Our mission is to inspire a world where past pains transform into present power, and every woman steps forward boldly, confidently, and healthfully into her future.


Author: Brandy Nicole

When a jeweler skillfully attaches a diamond onto a bracelet or engagement ring, this is the final step in a journey that stretches back to before humans walked the earth. It goes as far back as before life on earth, when the earth was no more than a barren landscape. Every natural diamond has a scorching history. Its journey from the earth’s core is an epic adventure that mirrors the journey of anyone bold enough to grow from their trauma and difficult life experiences.

“You're a diamond, even if you're not in the limelight.” -Brandy Nicole

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